Trej ♡

I have been featured in two recent treasuries made by Etsy Project Embrace members. Kristin, of loveartworks on etsy (and also the leader of Etsy Project Embrace), created a treasury of "strangers." Strangers, just meaning people she hadn't included in a treasury before. She included my Cat Eye Pendant. Thank you for including me in this beautiful collection!

And tailorbee on etsy, also an Etsy Project Embrace member, created an interesting treasury of pale backgrounds that are splashed with color. She included my Polka Dot Soldered Fused Glass Pendant! Thank you to you also, tailorbee.

Kristin, loveartworks, creates some wonderful clay pieces! It is hard to pick a favorite, but I think this is ONE of the ones I like the best!

HAPPY TRAILS - Dr. Seuss Funky Flower Quote Cup

And tailorbee's shop has some really fun upcycled and vintage clothing! I am really in love with this dress. Too bad it is not in my size, YET!

Upcycled clothing. Blue cotton dress with hand embroidery and eyelet lace. Size 8


  1. This is such a sweet posting-full of gratitude and joy-and nice picks, too! Glad you were featured here and wrote about it!

  2. Treasuries and these shops are just beautiful!

  3. Love your shop and also your blog.
    It's an honor to be here.
    Thank you so much for including me in your blog.

  4. Thank You so much Kandes for featuring my Treasury of "Strangers" on your Beautiful Blog...it's an honor!! It was a pleasure to have your wondrous jewelry in my collection....and here's to many more!!