Home from Telluride

We're back! We got home from Telluride on Sunday night. No matter how amazing the place is, it is always so nice to get home and sleep in your own bed.

The Sugar Thieves played two hours Friday night at The Llama in Telluride. It was a night time event on a side stage at The 16th Annual Telluride Blues and Brews Festival. The baby was tired from the car ride and needed to get back to the hotel, so my teenager and I only got to stick around for three songs. The band sounded and looked phenomenal for at least those three songs. Ha ha! The Sugar Thieves are a really amazing band. I am not just saying that because I am the bass players wife. He has been in bands I don't like and I if I don't like it I don't say anything at all. But, they are so much fun to listen to. Meridith has an amazing, amazing voice! Mikel writes some really wonderful tunes, plays some funky guitar and has Tom Waits style vocals that compliment Meridith's sultry sound perfectly. Then there is the band to top it off. They are all extraordinary musicians! I love how Jeff looks like he is always having so much fun while playing with this band. Next year, we are looking forward to being on the main stage at Telluride Blues and Brews.
On Saturday, we were in and out of the festival. They were serving lunch and dinner backstage so we made sure we were there for feeding time and caught some of the other bands playing. Of course I was checking out all of the vendors to see what crafty things were selling. Perhaps I will put in an application for next year since we will be there anyway. As usual, they were selling festive tie-dye and Eldon got a blue tie-dye hat to protect his bald little head from the sun. Perhaps he will get more use out of it than his festival Onsie we bought him earlier this year that is already a wee bit snug. Even though we were enjoying the festival, it is just too hard not to do some exploring in a place that beautiful so we left the fest and took a ride on the gondola and walked around town checking out the cute little houses. Good times with the family!

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