I dream of Blue even when it is not September

I had no idea today was September 1st and the day is almost over! Well, it is my birth-month, but my birthday isn't until the last day of the month. But it is the month of gorgeous blue sapphires. Blue is my absolute favorite color. My husband would always ask me if he could buy something and tease that he would "get it in blue." Once, he bought a dumpy old diesel truck and promised to paint it blue so I would like it. Then one year, he bought me a set of fancy Maglite flashlights for my birthday. What woman wants flashlights for her birthday? I dunno, but he was certainly thinking of me because they were, indeed, blue.

I posted a couple new items in my etsy shop today. All of them in blue. :o)
Hollow Lampwork Bead Pendant

Cosmos Lampwork Bead Pendant

Atmosphere Lampwork Bead Pendant

Resistor and Capacitor Necklace #2
Lastly, I thought I would post the keychain I made for my father's 60th birthday. I gave it to him along with a wooden box my father-in-law made. He makes some wonderful items. We have shelves, a dresser, and a toy box that he has made. Well, here is the soldered keychain with a picture of my sons. The other side has a photo of my twin nieces. He loves that it has all of his grandkids on it.

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