A Slice of Black

Rose, Waterrose on etsy, who is also an Etsy Project Embrace member created a wonderful treasury which includes my Red Dichroic Fused Glass Soldered Pendant.  I really get a thrill out of being included in treasuries. :o) I love the name and theme of this one. Thank you, Rose, for including my pendant!

Rose has many delightful embroidered items in her etsy shop. Today I will have to say that this embroidered cuff with vintage buttons is my favorite.  But honestly, it is really hard to decide since there are a lot of lovely things to look at!


  1. What a lovely treasury... so beautifully adorned in fall tones! Rose's work is quite stunning and so unique!

  2. What a lovely post! I also admire your work and thanks for the compliment!

  3. What a gorgeous post about a gorgeous treasury! :)