Announcements!! Including giveaway winner!

I have a few announcements to make!!

First, I would like to congratulate Waterrose on winning the custom butterfly pendant from the Tea Party giveaway! Hooray! I hope she loves her pendant as much as I enjoy creating them! Here is the funny thing about all of this. I do my drawings the old-fashioned way and wrote out all the names, a couple of times for those who elected to follow my blog, and put them in a bright red cup. I shook them around and asked my husband to pull out our winner. Out of 40+ people from all over the earth, he selected Waterrose who is in Phoenix, AZ. We are in Mesa. Same metro area! I could walk her pendant to her ... but I won't in the 113 degree heat. Again, congratulations! Waterrose will get one like this with her favorite color as the background.

My second announcement is of a personal nature, sorta. We finally selected a new camera and I was able to update my etsy photos with some that actually show details in my work. And the colors, oh the colors. They are much more true to life than any ol' point-and-shoot could give me. We went to Tempe Camera because we like to shop as local as possible. They said for our budget we'd be happiest with the Canon T1i. We left the store and took some time to research it, price compare and whatnot. A week later we bought it. Love. I am sure I will be working on product photos until I get exactly what I want. I have my dream photos in mind, but need to purchase some more equipment before I can call them perfect.

That being said, for my last announcement, I would like to share with you my newest product.
I am offering custom photo soldered charms here. The picture below is of my boys ... Yours would include a picture of your special someone. You would just email me a photo that could be made into a square and I will custom make your very own special pendant. This is a great gift idea for mom, grandma or yourself!
Front of charm

Back of charm

I am going to end my post here and wish you all a very happy 4th of July weekend!


Tea for One, Two, Three ... everyone!!!!! (+ Giveaway)

(Let me tell you up front, you will get an extra chance to win the butterfly pendant if you follow my blog. OK, now carry on ... :o) )
The ladies in my family do high tea once in awhile for an extra special treat. It is usually once a year, or more if we have something special to celebrate. It is difficult to find a quaint little tea house that does things extra special, so my mother, aunt, cousins and I have all dreamed of opening our own little tea room that does things just right. Last month Grandma hit a milestone in her business that she felt she wanted to celebrate with the ladies. So we all got dressed in our little summery outfits, dropped the children off at the sitters, and met the ladies for tea. The chatting and laughing with the ladies is always fun, and this tea room where we met added a little extra something on top. They had you pick out your cup from the tea cupboard, and after the tea was over they wrapped it up for you to take home as a keepsake. Nice touch. I love the little blue cup that I was able to make a part of my mismatched tea set. I have to say, my overall favorite tea is at the Ritz Carlton in downtown Phoenix. There are several reasons why. First, it is decorated beautifully with amazing, giant chandeliers hanging from the ceilings. Just so ya know, I have a thing for glass. My etsy shop will probably indicate that more later on (when it is done). And a light fixture like that just does it for me.
Secondarily, the food is presented in such an artful manner and tastes every bit as good as it looks. They also have a giant selection of teas to chose from. AND everyone at your table can pick a pot to share or each have their own.
I am a freak for scones with Devonshire cream and lemon curd. If you don't serve both at tea, it seems like something is missing. The Ritz serves both and a fruity compote, as well. Oh, and they serve them in little chocolate cups. Cute!
I also adore the little deserts that they serve at the end. I like how there is a bite of each one for everyone. My favorite is the fruit tart, followed closely by the French macarons.
But, overall, I have to say the best part of tea at the Ritz is your tea server, Jeffrey. On more than one occasion has he made me choke back tears with a special song for a birthday girl or, like last time I was there, saying just the right things to the terminally ill child who was visiting the head chef to fulfill his Make-A-Wish foundation wish of being a chef for a day. Jeffrey is an amazing person with a knack for making everyone feel absolutely beautiful inside.

On that note ... I am leaving this party for you all to enjoy. Please take some of the macarons to munch on as you visit other tea parties.

I almost forgot. (Don't know how) But I am having a give-away you don't want to miss! For the lucky winner, I will custom create a 3D butterfly shadow box pendant. Please just comment below with your favorite color (I will use it for the background). The photo doesn't do this piece justice, but this pendant is now owned by my sister-in-law who has it on every time I see her. I think she loves it. :o)

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Make sure your comment indicates what you did for additional entries, 'cuz it is likely I won't go hunting for you. The drawing will be held and announced on Wednesday, June 30th.

Peace out, tea partiers!!!!!


Desperately seeking great photos ...

I am hunting for photos. So far, the two cameras that I have around here aren't cutting the mustard (why would you ever have to cut mustard anyway?). My dad is giving me a point-and-shoot he doesn't use for my purse. That is wonderful. My old Sony Cybershot has been real good to me, but it is time to move on. A couple weeks after I got it it hit the bottom of a creek on Orcas Island. I thought it was doomed, but we immediately took out the battery and let it dry. It has been fine ever since, but never quite as good as new. I am not sure how the point-and-shoot will do on product photos. I think I need a DSLR with a macro lens for those. Ya know, it just may be time to grow up and get a big girl camera. If you have a DSLR let me know what you are using. And how you like it. I need all the help I can get with this.


Soldered Fused-Glass Pendants

Last night my husband and I did a creative date night. Mesa Arts Center is starting date nights in the ceramics studio. We worked on the potter's wheel and will soon have our very own hand-made bowls. It was a lot of fun and the price was VERY reasonable. Afterward, we stopped by a wine bar in our clay mudded clothing to say hello to our friends that were playing in a jazz quartet. We didn't stay too long, because our sweet little baby was waiting for us at my brother and sister-in-law's house. It such a nice feeling to have a great night out and get back to your little one who you find peacefully sleeping in their cuddly jammies.

OK. So now I am gonna give you a sneak-peek at some of the new items that will be in the Tricky Fox shop. Soldered fused-glass pendants are just one of my recent creative obsessions. This is my favorite so far.
This weekend I will be completing the soldering on several glass pieces, taking photos and putting them in my etsy shop!


Welcome to Tricky Fox!

This is my first blog post as Tricky Fox Designs. You may be wondering what I do at Tricky Fox. The simple answer is, I make stuff, usually jewelry. I like to learn new techniques for making jewelry. Today, I prefer working with glass, both lampworking and fused. And I have found that I love making soldered pendants which may incorporate fused glass pieces or collage art. I also create 3-D shadow box frames using various materials for the focal point. It may be a felted flower, butterfly or heart ... could be a metal charm or a piece of sea glass. Some days, I will make beaded jewelry with my lampwork beads or find creative inspiration at my husband's electronics shop and make resistor necklaces. There is no telling what kind of project I will be working on next so what ends up in my shop is a surprise. Today, I am working on bath bombs, but they probably will end up in my bathtub instead of my shop. ;o)

Wishing you the best kind of day today and welcome you to visit my shop soon. Listings will begin on June 8th and the grand opening is coming soon.