This is Your Life

I have been weeding through old photos of my family. It is like my own personal episode of "This Is Your Life." Some of it was disturbing. There are tons of pictures from when my parents pastored a church. I was in middle school and realized by looking at the photos that the experience was traumatizing. There were people in and out of our house all hours of the day and night. They were tortured souls with horrible sob stories of their checkered pasts and they dragged my parents into all of their drama. They would call or come by with terrorized looks on their faces and cry and pray and speak in "tongues." I was a quite child, as I am a quiet adult. I like peace and order and keeping on the down-low, thank you. I loathe noise, static, chaos and drama. I seriously feel emotionally disturbed from that whole church days experience. Yuck!

On a brighter note, I found many seriously cute photos of me and my big brother. I loved the 70s. What a great time to live. Green shag carpet, wicker furniture, turtle necks and bell bottoms. I really wish I were born in the mid-sixties so I have more clear memories from the 70s. I was born in '73. My first real awareness was in '76, about the time this photo was taken. I have true memories from when I was three years old and we lived in this apartment. However, I do not remember this moment.

Now, this is the strangest photo ever. I do not know what Kelly and I were up to. That was my grandpa's poodle. I was obviously wearing grandma's rubber kitchen gloves and Kell has some one lensed pair of sunglasses on. No telling, but it was a great photo-op for whoever took the picture.
And I am not posting the photo of my brother, mom, dad and I at the park when I was three because my mother would seriously hate me. She was wearing aviator sunglasses and had an afro. It is a sight to see. Maybe one day, when I can easily outrun her walker, I will share it. Until then I will keep it safe so she doesn't come to my house and destroy it once she knows it still exists. :o)

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