No alarms and no surprises ...

I feel a bit more like a hipster putting my baby to bed the past two days. I have been looking for a nightly lullaby collection for a long time. I wanted something I would remember as the CD I listened to as I rocked Eldon to bed every night. And also something we could appreciate musically. Well, thus far we have seen songs by Jewel and Johnson & Johnson and Disney. I loved the Disney collection of lullabies when my teenager was tiny, but now when I hear it, it sounds so 90s. I never thought in the 90s there would be a sound that sounds 90s, but there is. Jewel is just too dumb and passé and everything else a bit too mainstream, which is not something we Naylor's are known for. What I ended up getting is "Rockabye Baby - Lullaby Renditions of Radiohead CD." 
So, we are listening to "serene interpretations" of No Surprises, Karma Police, and Paranoid Android without vocals. Gotta love that! And these Rockabye Baby people have also put out lullaby versions of Bjork, The Beatles, Bob Marley, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Journey, Guns and Roses, U2, Queen, Pink Floyd, No Doubt, Metallica, Tool, NIN, The Pixies, Elvis, Black Sabbath ... and the list goes on and on and on! I think I just might get the Journey album for when my dad babysits! And nevermind that there is Hushabye Baby with songs by Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. Let's keep that under our hats. I must not let my peddle steel playing in a country band husband know about that. :o) 

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  1. Thanks for hoppin' with me this weekend!

    I love the music choices for your baby☺