I am seriously O.C. and A.D.D today. My brain feels like it is constantly firing in various directions. Same themes over and over, but different ideas. First off, I am trying to figure out how to grow our arts group with a bunch of interested, active, fun, creative people. I started a Meetup and our next meeting will be an open house for new applicants. Hopefully we will get some new artsy people with common interests.

The other obsessive thought is marketing my jewelry or etsy shop or whatever. I am getting a lot more views in my etsy shop. I had all 4 of my sales in one week and then it stopped. Dumb!

I think I am going to feed the baby and then go to the gym. That usually clears my head. I have lost 13.5 lbs in 5 weeks. We go to Weight Watchers tonight and weigh in. We will see how I did this week. I am a total advocate for Weight Watchers since starting. It is easy. I have not had to sacrifice beer, ice cream, tacos or hamburgers. We can still eat Chili's and Taco Bell. You just cook different and stay aware of what menu items to eat at restaurants. My eyes have been opened to the amount of fat in restaurant food. The first couple weeks are stressful with menu planning and figuring out the points, but by week three you get it down and can count your points in your head. Now I have been to the gym a couple times and am about to go again. I am loving running on the treadmill. At some point my schedule will allow for me to get to a yoga or spinning, maybe Zumba class. Just haven't got there yet. The past few weeks have been crazy. I feel like there are a lot of interruptions with vacation, birthdays and now picking my son up from camp this weekend. None of it is bad interruptions, just off the usual schedule which throws me for a loop.

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  1. Congratulations on the weight loss! And my sales come in waves, as well. After a few weeks, though, you can see how it can average out. I just use the mini-lulls to improve my shop to make the next wave even better!

    Good luck!