EVA is awesome!

I created a collage in Picasa for our East Valley Artisans Meetup page. I think it turned out pretty nice. We have some great artists and crafters in our little group. By next Wednesday we should have a few more. I am going to start blogging all about them here on my personal blog. Until I cover them all, I will feature one per week, and then start again. I am really looking forward to our Meetup meeting next week. It is always so exciting to see who is going to show up. I imagine scenarios in my head that never actually take place (uh, no, I don't claim to be psychic). Then when the real event happens I can never bring back the mental images as they were before I knew what was going to take place. Strange how that works. Well, I better go to sleep. My sleep window is closing in on both sides. I have a musician husband that gets home at 2am, a baby who wakes up between 4 and 5am and goes back to sleep until 9am after he eats, but a teenager who needs to leave for school by 7am. My husband and I are going to be walking around like zombies pretty shortly. Actually, he might be already. A local photographer, Bill Goodman, snapped a shot of him recently. So, you tell me ... is he feeling the music or sleeping???

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