So close to 50! Giveway for 49 and 50th followers.

I hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve. I did. And ... I had every intention of adding a slew of new items to my Etsy shop on New Year's Day, but technical difficulties arose. I am out of space on my hard drive so can't put any of the photos from my camera onto my computer. So, we wait, patiently. My husband is shopping for a new hard drive for me, and fortunately I have a techie hubby who will install it for me in the next day or two. So I will have new items soon! It was strange. My son's computer stopped working, my has slowed to a near halt and I fried our external hard drive. Ooops! I thought it was very Y2K.

On another note, I have been keeping rather busy and getting ready to start my doula workshop next month. I have a bunch of books to read beforehand. I am excited. It is just another of many things I will do in my life. I am not the type of person to get any job and keep it for the rest of my life. I couldn't live such a boring life. Maybe it wouldn't be boring if you loved what you were doing. I love making jewelry, but it is a hobby and I fear making it into a career might make me love it a tiny bit less. But, we only have this life to live once and I want to experience many, many different things. I keep slowly adding ideas to the book that I will complete one day, which is taking on a very new form. It is a semi-autobiographical novel. There were a lot of things I was upset about only weeks ago that have changed right before me. I feel very grateful for all that has happened in my life and brought me to the place that I am. I was feeling angry and cheated, but the more I reframe things I have realized that all the things that angered me about my past were my little treasures. I have learned so much and that is what life is all about. I am sleep deprived and time crunched, but very happy with all the love that surrounds me ... and so far, I have come out of my battles on top, even though sometimes it takes time to reveal that. There is nothing that I would have changed in my past or done over for fear that it would change my current circumstance. And I wouldn't want that.

Anyway - I am only 2 people away from having 50 followers, it is a milestone that I have been dancing closer to, but never quite achieving it. I will have 48, 49, 48, 49, now we are at 48, and I am ready to move into the 50s. So I am offering a pair of Swarovski crystal earrings to my 49th and 50th followers. I would show you what they look like, but at this moment, I can't. :o( Check out my Etsy shop or website if you would like to see my style.
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  1. so doula workshop and then yoga teaching next year! you like to keep your options open, very cool. good luck and I look forward to hearing about it :)