Thank you, Etsy!

I was recently informed that my local Etsy team, East Valley Artisans (EVA), was awarded an Etsy grant to help open up a booth at the Downtown Phoenix Public Market. Hooray!!! We will be there every Saturday morning of the year selling lampwork & fused glass items, chainmail, various types of jewelry, baby clothes, gift cards, stationary sets, recycled bottle cap magnets, picture frames, ceramics and more! Everything is handmade by Phoenix area local artists and crafters! We are really excited and have scheduled a meeting for next week so we can get working on exactly what we need and our budget. I have been the team leader of EVA for nearly four years. We started out with a small group of very talented and wonderful women. We have added new members quite slowly. Some past members have sadly gone on to other things, but the group of members we have right now is an amazing group of artists and crafters who are energized and want to make things happen. There were days in the past where I would have a meeting and one person would show up, or where we had an event that wasn't all that successful and I would go away feeling like EVA was done for and I was throwing in the towel. So, I would drag myself to the next month's meeting ready to inform anyone that showed up that I was done ... and then I would see 13 eager women sitting there sharing some amazing resources and ideas with one another. Quitting plan foiled again. ;o) And thankfully so. Something just shifted in the energy of the group several months ago and here we are making headway to our first joint business effort. I am soooooo excited!!!!

For more information on EVA visit us at our various sites:

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  1. Congratulations! That is so exciting! You hear so much negative about Etsy that it is wonderful to see them really supporting their handmade artists in the real world!

    Wishing you all lots of luck!