Happier New Year ... Changes are a comin'!

I haven't been posting much. Been thinking too much and working on new ideas for 2011. I recently took stained glass classes so have a new hobby. Like I needed another one. It is a lot of fun! I still need to finish the project I started in that class. Just needs hooks and patina and then I will post it in all of its beginner glory! :o)

So here is a list for 2011 ...
- Finish my BA. That thing is haunting me. I am so scared of math. I have to do that and finish Spanish. Yep, that is it! I better get on it before they add more classes to my curriculum.

- I am starting my DONA certification for becoming a doula. The workshop is in February. I am really looking forward to it.

- Start a Sunday social community event. We are looking to start up a non-religious, non-political community event that focuses on art, music and bettering our community. More to come on this as it develops.

- Get an EVA booth going at the Phoenix Farmer's market. We just need to figure out a schedule and compensation plan. Then pool our resources to make it happen.

Other personal goals ...
- Start eating more organic and local grown foods

- Doing yoga at least twice a week in prep for 2012 yoga teacher training

- lose 9 more pounds (I have lost 31 now)

- Realign my forces - what does this mean? I am looking forward to creating new relationships with uplifting people.

- Get a pedicure. Haha! I need one and have been putting it off because once the boys in my life are taken care of, there are other things like laundry, sleep, and making things that need my attention.

So what are your goals for the New Year?

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