My very Etsy birthday

Even though my birthday was over a week and a half ago my mom came over and surprised me. She handed me a little blue bag and said, "Here is the rest of your birthday present." I was delighted to see that she had purchased these little earrings from OneGarnetGirl on Etsy to give to me as a birthday present. She just hadn't completed the order on time for them on time to get them to me by my birthday. I haven't been wearing earrings because the baby likes to grab anything that dangles and my small diamonds kept ending up in his crib. The back kept slipping off and that is scary! I don't think an earring post would feel very good at the other end and who know what damage would happen on the way down. But these earrings are perfect and feel very secure. What is most awesome about these earrings is that they match my wedding ring which I had custom made by OneGarnetGirl. All I need now is a matching necklace. :o)

On my birthday, I thought my mother had already spoiled me! She bought me three Frida prints from MyPinkTurtleStudios for my bedroom wall. < (that is a link to her fun blog, click on the picture for her Etsy shop).
And this incredible beehive hat from PixieBell! I have no idea when or where I am going to wear this, but it is very, very cute. I will have to make a couple trips to Flagstaff or maybe our crazy Phoenix weather will give us some chilly surprises this winter.

She asked me what I wanted for my birthday at the beginning of September and I emailed her links to my favorite Etsy items. I expected one of them, not all of them! But I am very grateful.

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