Announcements!! Including giveaway winner!

I have a few announcements to make!!

First, I would like to congratulate Waterrose on winning the custom butterfly pendant from the Tea Party giveaway! Hooray! I hope she loves her pendant as much as I enjoy creating them! Here is the funny thing about all of this. I do my drawings the old-fashioned way and wrote out all the names, a couple of times for those who elected to follow my blog, and put them in a bright red cup. I shook them around and asked my husband to pull out our winner. Out of 40+ people from all over the earth, he selected Waterrose who is in Phoenix, AZ. We are in Mesa. Same metro area! I could walk her pendant to her ... but I won't in the 113 degree heat. Again, congratulations! Waterrose will get one like this with her favorite color as the background.

My second announcement is of a personal nature, sorta. We finally selected a new camera and I was able to update my etsy photos with some that actually show details in my work. And the colors, oh the colors. They are much more true to life than any ol' point-and-shoot could give me. We went to Tempe Camera because we like to shop as local as possible. They said for our budget we'd be happiest with the Canon T1i. We left the store and took some time to research it, price compare and whatnot. A week later we bought it. Love. I am sure I will be working on product photos until I get exactly what I want. I have my dream photos in mind, but need to purchase some more equipment before I can call them perfect.

That being said, for my last announcement, I would like to share with you my newest product.
I am offering custom photo soldered charms here. The picture below is of my boys ... Yours would include a picture of your special someone. You would just email me a photo that could be made into a square and I will custom make your very own special pendant. This is a great gift idea for mom, grandma or yourself!
Front of charm

Back of charm

I am going to end my post here and wish you all a very happy 4th of July weekend!

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