The Magical Moore House

There is something magical about the Moore house. This is where we stayed while in Nebraska this past week. My husband's band played Jazz on the Green in Omaha on Thursday night. The singer, Meridith, grew up in this home. Her parents were gracious enough to let us all stay here for five days. The house is on a farm up on a hill that overlooks Elkhorn River. It is a very All-American looking home. I wouldn't mind living in a house like this one day, as long as the summer humidity did not come with it. :o)

Eldon and I spent some time on the patio. As we were sitting there we had several visitors. A horse walked by on his way to the stable. The Moore family dog, Toby, sat in a chair nearby. Then a butterfly fluttered by and landed on a chair. Toby had to sniff it. Delphi, who is the guitar player's 11 year old daughter also stopped by to chat. It was warm out, but the patio was the perfect place to rock a little one who needed an afternoon nap and check my text messages and emails.
One of the best features in this house is the stained glass window next to the front entrance. Mrs. Moore is a stained glass artist that does elaborate windows on many of churches in the Midwest. Her work is beautiful. The glass she uses is imported from Germany and has very interesting features. She blows several colors together and then flatten the glass to get the swirly rainbow effect. Some of her installations take 4 or so years to complete. I am such an impatient artist. I don't like anything that takes more than a couple days. Ha Ha! One of these days I plan to take a stained glass class. In addition to lampworking and fusing, I would love to learn the art of stained glass ... even if it were to take a couple months for me to complete something. When I was very young I was especially attracted to Tiffany lamps. My mother bought me a Tiffany style lamp one year so I have one, but the glass is cracked in one area. I would like to be able to repair it and make others!
I had never seen lightening bugs before. They were amazing, just like the bioluminescence in the bay when we went kayaking in Puerto Rico. I love anything that glows and sparkles like fairies. My husband caught them (I couldn't touch bugs) and put them in a baby food jar. We slept by the glow of lightning bugs that night! I had only heard of them before, but never saw them in real life. I was desperately trying to think of a way to bring some home to my older son Patrick. I guess you can't take bugs on airplanes.
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  1. Love the lightning bugs! Beautiful house! Thanks for sharing!


    Found you on Etsy :)

  2. Gorgeous house! Thanks for the add.